Beautiful Cornices
·   Light Weight     ·   No Sewing     ·   Fun to Create
·   Easy to Install     ·   Professional Looking

Demonstration Videos

General Instructional Video

Judy and Tim walks you through the process of assembling, decorating and hanging your cornice.

By viewing the video, you will see for yourself how easy creating your own cornice really is.

Order s

Detailed Assembly Instructions for every cornice style can be found .

Measuring your opening for a cornice kit!

Determining the best cornice Drop (height) for your application!

Determining your Bracket (& End Cap) Size!

Cutting the Cornice to size! (Includes cutting end caps for 3" brackets)

Gluing the Styrofoam pieces together!

Decorating the Cosmopolitan Cornice Kit!

Installing the Mounting Brackets on your wall!

Hanging your finished cornice!


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