Beautiful Cornices
·   Light Weight     ·   No Sewing     ·   Fun to Create
·   Easy to Install     ·   Professional Looking

Assembly Instructions

All Cornice Starter Kits come with instructions for putting the cornices together; we have also included them below. There are no instructions with our Extension Kits, since they are generally used to expand the length of the Starter Cornice Kits.

Materials needed to assemble your cornice:
  • Scissors,
  • Ruler or straight edge,
  • Fine point felt tip marker,
  • 4" breakoff utility knife or hack saw,
  • tape measure, and
  • LOW TEMP glue gun (200 - 250 degrees Fahrenheit) and multitemp glue sticks which are available .
DO NOT leave a glue gun plugged in for an extended time. Hot glue will melt the EPS. We recommend you practice on a small, hidden area prior to applying on your final product.

Our products are covered by a Limited Warranty. Use of any not recommended adhesive voids all warranties. For further information contact Customer Service.

Happy Decorating!!

Avalon Cornice Assembly Instructions

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Cosmopolitan Cornice Assembly Instructions

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Elenore Cornice Assembly Instructions

Tudor Cornice Assembly Instructions

Bay Window Adapter Assembly Instructions

Corner Widow Adapter Assembly Instructions

Inside Mount Assembly Instructions


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