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Mounting Brackets and L-Brackets

Mounting Brackets


All Cornice Kits and 2-Piece Extension Kits come with standard 5" mounting brackets. The 5" bracket is normally adequate for mini-blinds, verticals, and a standard drapery rod.

If you would prefer your cornice to be closer to the wall, we offer a 3" bracket. The 3" bracket looks nice over windows with recessed or no blinds. To accomodate the 3" bracket, we simply remove 2 inches from the end of the end caps (returns).

If you have shutters, we recommend placing the cornice just above the point where your shutter will open. Many people prefer a 3" bracket with shutters to shorten the cornice distance from the wall.

Our brackets are made specifically for our cornices. The brackets have a lip that fits in the tuck grove in the back of the cornice - the same groove that the fabric is tucked into. Once the brackets have been mounted to the wall, simply push the cornice onto them. The cornice will fit snuggly to ensure stability.

While our 3" or 5" brackets will be perfect most of the time, occasionally you may need custom made brackets for your application. Custom brackets as short as ⅛" and as long as 10" have been made and are being used. We will make them for you for $5.00 apiece using the standard 5" brackets that are provided with your kits; this price includes removing styrofoam from the end caps if shorter than 5", or providing extension pieces that you will glue onto the end caps to accomodate brackets that are longer than 5". For the handy person, here's how we make them:
  1. cut the bracket using tin snips so that the two pieces are approximately the same length
  2. make the brackets the desired length
    • if you are making brackets longer than 5", for example 6" brackets, cut a piece of strap aluminum (1½" wide X ⅛" thick available at most hardware stores) at least 1" longer than the desired bracket size less 5". If we are making 6" brackets, we would cut the strap aluminum 6" (desired length) - 5" (standard bracket size) + 1" = 2" mimimum.
    • if you are making brackets that are shorter than 5", then cut the brakcet accordingly so that the 2 flat pieces overlap each other to achieve the desired length.
  3. using pop rivets, attach the pieces together. Make sure that:
    • the bracket pieces are pointing in the right direction, and
    • the pop rivet heads are at the bottom of the bracket pointing upwards.
Order additional mounting brackets here:
(does not include end cap modifications if needed)
3" Bracket
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Order additional custom mounting brackets here:
(does not include end cap modifications if needed)

Custom Bracket

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